"the Terrascopædia bridges the aesthetic divide between Arts and Crafts movement publications and twentieth-century music fanzines. This series is something very special." Fiddlers Green magazine

"With hand-cut paper and as much attention to artistry as the musicians it features inside, the publication is one of a kind - a rare example of format and subject matter working together in perfect harmony" Pressing Matters, issue 7

Terrascopædia issue 22 - published March 2024

issue 22

Terrascopædia issue 22 was published in March 2024. Interviews include Andrew Lauder, A&R guru at Liberty/UA Records in England during the 1970s;  Empty House which is the latest solo guise of Fred Laird, who we've followed from the early days of Earthling Society to Taras Bulba and beyond; and Seawind of Battery, a debut instrumental album conjuring up cosmic Americana atmospheres rich in nostalgic melancholia and the ambient peacefulness of secluded nature. Each copy is entirely hand made from cover to cover, typeset by hand, letter by letter, in 12pt Monotype Poliphilus, and printed in full colour on Matrix Fine Laid paper cut to Small Post quarto (9 inches by 7 inches) on a fully restored 1926 vintage, 10cwt Arab Foolscap Folio treadle press. 150 copies available.

Please be aware that due to the hand-crafted nature of this publication, small mistakes are bound to occur and no two copies can ever be exactly the same.


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